About Your Dentist

Dillon Caines, DDS

“There was a time in dentistry and in dental schools where acid etching the tooth was a cardinal sin. Today we etch the tooth all day long for modern composite dentistry. One day the concepts you learned in dental school will be proven to be incorrect or inferior to new developments, always keep an open mind as a dentist and keep learning.”

My Mission

“My goal is to provide a personalized and superb patient care experience while offering comprehensive full-mouth rehabilitation with a strong emphasis on both cosmetics and functionality. I intend to personally execute the surgical, prosthetic and maintenance phases of the dentistry I provide as I believe it is the most optimal way to deliver comprehensive care.”

Education & Continuing Education

Advanced Education in General Dentistry
New York University Langone Health at Shatkin Dental Health – Brooklyn, New York

Doctor of Dental Surgery
New York University College of Dentistry – Manhattan, New York

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology and Human Biology
University of Toronto – Toronto, Canada

Dr. Caines has taken introductory and advanced training courses in mini dental implant dentistry.  

Professional Memberships

Dr. Caines is an active member of the International Academy of Mini Dental Implants.

Life & Hobbies

Dr. Caines enjoys a variety of arts and sports, such as cycling, swimming, hiking, and hockey. Family, community, and professional dreams are three things he has always tried to integrate and create a true union amongst, so he can best serve all three.